Please note that there will be a delay in responding to reports submitted during the bank holiday weekend. Reports will be responded to as soon as possible from Tuesday 28th May.

Students can find information about alternative support here.

Staff members can access support through the Employee Assistance Programme.

If you have a safeguarding concern during this time, or need help now, please see the 'I need help now' page.

Concerns should be reported in the first instance to your Local Safeguarding Officer (LoSO) or Deputy LoSO in the Faculty/Professional Services Department (PSD), who will liaise with the Student Safeguarding Manager and provide you with support, advice and guidance. (For the name and contact details of your LoSO, please see 'Who to contact' on this page.)

You should also complete a report

What happens next?

Your concerns will be managed by the Student Safeguarding Manager within 24 hours, is our aim. Your concerns will be taken seriously and investigated.

If you have filled out a report following an out of hours and urgent safeguarding concern, the Student Safeguarding Manager will follow up any necessary referrals and liaise with internal services to make contact with the student within 24 hours.

Any necessary referrals or communication to internal and/or external services will be made by the safeguarding team dealing with the incident.

Someone from the safeguarding team will feedback to you following you reporting a concern, where possible.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened