Please note that there will be a delay in responding to reports submitted during the bank holiday weekend. Reports will be responded to as soon as possible from Tuesday 28th May.

Students can find information about alternative support here.

Staff members can access support through the Employee Assistance Programme.

If you have a safeguarding concern during this time, or need help now, please see the 'I need help now' page.

What happens when someone makes an anonymous report?

The report will be viewed by a member of the team and will first review the report to identify any risks that relate to duty of care. If no immediate risk is identified, no further, direct action is able to be taken. The information kept will be for trend analysis and inform proactive prevention.

What action can you take from anonymous reports?

Information provided within anonymous reports will be used as statistical data to understand what is happening and to inform proactive prevention work.  

What is the difference between anonymous and with contact details reports? 

Kingston does not know who has made an anonymous report, and therefore cannot reach out and provide support. Whereas if someone wants to receive support or consider informal or formal options to address a concern, they would make a report with their contact details to speak to a member of staff.

Here is a video that show the process of reporting anonymously so you can see what information you will be asked.

Reporting anonymously

What happens when someone reports with their contact details?

The report is sent to the relevant team via an email notification – no identifiable information is provided within this email alert. A staff member then logs into Report + Support to access information provided. The staff member then makes contact with the person who has made the report using the information supplied in the report.

This flowchart summaries the differences in the types of report and what you can expect to happen following your report.

Flowchart detailing the different reporting pathways - anonymous and with contact details

There are two ways you can tell us what happened